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Thursday, May 17, 2012


A few days ago I was in Mobile Alabama, looking and listening to a Hammond XK System. The musician was told that it sounds just like the Hammond New B3 Organ. The fact is that it has a similar sound but it does not sound just like the New B3. If it did there would be no need for the New B3 at about doubled the price or more than an XK System. The same is true to be said about the New Hammond Mini B.

The New Mini B & The XK Systems is designed to give you a more affordable B3 type of organ sound that is also transportable; they only have some of the features and or technology of The New B3. For instance they do not have the patented multi key contact system as the New B3 does that replicates the original B3 organ. Just this one difference alone will make it sound different from the New B3 or Original B3.

The Mini B & XK System can be used in the church setting keeping in mind they do not have the same audio output, regardless of which Leslie Speaker is used to amplify them. They will not give you that full sound presence you are listening for when playing the bass pedals or pressing the expression pedal for more volume.

I like them both, but I do believe we should not mislead anyone claiming they are something they are not. That is my opinion!


  1. Is it just the multi-contact keys? Are there any other differences?
    See, I noticed the menus in the XK3C and the New B3 are a little different, so I was kinda wondering...

    1. In Response To AdiD’s Question from June 21, 2012

      YES! There are several differences in the XK3 System Hammond Keyboard and The New B3 Hammond. It takes more than just the same sound sample to reproduce The B3 sound, the multi key contact system is just one of those differences.

      I listed below two links the first will take you to The New B3(mk2) specs. The second links you to XK3 System specs. These links can help to compare the two instruments.
      Keeping in mind that the New B3(mk2) was designed for the Hammond purest if you are not looking for that pure richness of sound than the XK System would be fine.

    2. Ok, now that I actually have the new B3 + Leslie 3300 at home, I can confirm that the differences between the XK3C and the new B3 is h-u-g-e:
      1) As mentioned, the multicontact keyboard makes an big difference in the sound. More randomness, the key-click sounds as it should sound. with the XK I really had a problem with it, no matter how much I tweaked it.
      2) For some reason the new B3's sound has a lot more body. All of a sudden, a full-organ setting sounds as it SHOULD sound. Thanks God for that!
      3) The new B3's sound's attack is faster, or at least this is how it feels to me. Staccato playing sounds much better on the new B3. Maybe it's the multicontact keyboard and the true analog keying, not sure about that.

      Bottom line, the new B3 sounds the way a B3 should sound, something I couldn't say about the XK3C. No wonder the price difference is that high... :)